Strange things are afoot at the Circle-Ukraine

From Vox:

Ed MacMahon, a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, who faces charges of campaign finance violations, has told the Daily Beast that his client helped Republican Rep. Devin Nunes arrange meetings meant to advance the Ukrainian investigations into the Biden family that are at the center of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Now, another lawyer for Parnas — Joseph A. Bondy — has told CNN that Parnas is willing to testify before the House Intelligence Committee about Nunes’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal.

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Nunes has argued the impeachment inquiry is a partisan attack on the president; he tried to derail the proceedings by introducing (disproved) conspiracy theories, worked to out an anonymous whistleblower whose complaint launched the inquiry, and repeatedly referred to the inquiry as a “drug deal.”


Parnas has said his efforts, as described in the Daily Beast article, bore fruit — and that Nunes eventually met with with disgraced former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in Vienna in December 2018.

Congressional records show that Nunes and members of his staff travelled to Europe in late November and early December 2018. The records do not specify whether he went to Vienna, however, or who he met with.

“I can confirm that Victor Shokin told Lev Parnas that he had met with Nunes in Vienna in late 2018, and that [Nunes aide] Derek Harvey informed that they were investigating the activities of Joe and Hunter Biden related to Burisma,” Bondy told NBC News.

Shokin was pushed out of his role by the US and its allies in March 2016 over concerns he was not properly pursuing anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.


This meeting would suggest that efforts to discredit the Bidens were well underway before Giuliani began to publicly discuss them this spring, and that attempts to launch some sort of investigation into the Biden family went beyond executive branch officials.

It could also lead to Nunes facing his second ethics investigation in less than three years.


Parnas also claims to have met with Nunes and his aides personally in Vienna, and that he and Nunes spoke on the phone at least twice following that in-person meeting. Parnas says he continued to occasionally meet with Harvey at the Trump hotel in Washington, DC, where they discussed investigations into the Biden family and a Democratic National Committee server that a disproved conspiracy theory holds contains information of Ukrainian election meddling to benefit Democrats in the 2016 elections.

Parnas claims to have told Nunes that the basis for his suspicions about the Bidens came from the writings of John Solomon, who, as Vox’s Jane Coaston has explained, published columns in The Hill regarding what are now known to be conspiracies theories about the Bidens and Ukraine. Harvey would occasionally attend meetings at the Trump hotel that included Solomon, Parnas claims, as well as Giuliani.


It is not clear whether Parnas will be called to testify himself, although Bondy has asked [Chairman Adam] Schiff to subpoena him.

It also is not clear whether Parnas would be viewed as a credible witness.


But despite the allegations he faces, it does appear that Parnas may have knowledge of an early anti-Biden campaign that extends beyond Giuliani, the “three amigos,” and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — now involving a key member of Congress. For instance, he and a business partner reportedly tried to pressure Ukraine’s last president into starting a Biden investigation, and he’s reportedly told people Trump had personally given him a “secret mission” to carry out in Ukraine.


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  1. Do not strain your precious eyeballs, my dearest Raisinettes. Here’s a better look at the logo at the top:

    Click on it for a bigger pic.

  2. Great logo here.
    And the lion roars.” And Twittler has been roaring actually since the day he stepped into the White House. And, now Nunes has been outed. I find it too funny. That is why he has been such an ass about the witnesses and all the crazy questions, etc,, etc.

    I think this investigation, of an investigation, of an investigation, is going to go and on and on. Probably more skeletons in the closet. Now if only Bolton would testify. Could he be the whistler and doesn’t want to testify because he would be under oath to tell the truth?

    • I love altering logos. It’s so much fun, especially the movie ones.

      Devin, I believe, is in a shitload of trouble. There is already talk of an ethics investigation into his travels with Lev and the other thugs. He will probably have to pay back the money he wasted. It will probably come out of some campaign account. They should be personally responsible, because using someone else’s money is not punishment.

      No chance Bolton is the whistleblower, but I am sure there are quite a few whistles he can blow in this administration and in Chimpy Bush’s. I bet he knows where all the bodies are buried, and I’m not sure if I mean that figuratively or literally.

  3. therub

    love the logo and love the fact that you put the ethics-violating dairy farmer in a cow shirt. i’m now wondering if this train can stop long enough at the station to not overshadow the 2020 campaign.

    • Impeachment doesn’t have to overshadow the 202 campaign if the Dems play it smart. Make it a feature. Ask if you want a president and an administration that is so untrustworthy that there is drama and another indictment every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if politics was boring again, the way it’s supposed to be when people didn’t have to worry every single day if their rights and/or their benefits are going to be taken away?

  4. singe

    Either Lev or Eye gored put a gun to their landlords head down in sunny Florida a few years back and I think are awaiting trial or something. Would like to know more about this touching story of one nations people trying to work productively with another nations people. Also it may be possible that that same bridge builder already gave Rudy the head shot treatment resulting in a decrease in Rudy’s IQ but not totally negating it as Rudy was born with most of his brains up his ass. Just wondering.

    • This is like a Mel Brooks gangster movie. We’ll have to have a seance so Harvey Korman could play Rudy, and he would be surrounded by a bunch of Fredos, inlcuding Lev and Igor, all played by Ron Carey.Leslie Nielsen, of course, would have to make at least a cameo appearance, perhaps as am intrepid reporter or some kind of international detective on Rudy’s trail. Dom Deluise would be the perfect Devin Nunes. Of course, Charles Durning would have to be brought back for a slightly altered rendition of Sidestep. Geez, I really miss all of them.

  5. What a bunch of doofuses. We always knew that when fascism came to America, it would be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross, but we didn’t expect it would be drooling on itself and tripping over its own shoelaces. The dumbest newbies in the Mafia could have planned and executed this stuff better.

    The cow is undoubtedly the smartest individual in the image. And the Metro Golden Showers logo is great. Can’t blame the little emoji thing below Trump for looking panicky.

    • Instead of Hail to the Chief, Benny Hill’s theme song Yakety Sax should be playing on a constant loop on the entire White House grounds and everywhere he goes. Twitler is currently about 4 miles from my house at one of his rallies. It really pisses me off that the taxes I pay to my city are going to pay for one of his shitty ego-boosting rallies.