Going Off-Track

From NAKED POLITICS at The Miami Herald:

Two Florida senators just sued Gov. Rick Scott in the Florida Supreme Court to stop him from killing a Tampa-Orlando bullet train.

Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, and Republican Thad Altman of Melbourne said Scott had over-stepped his authority by rejecting the project, which received a green light after a December 2009 special legislative session about passenger rail. The lawsuit would force Scott to accept about $2.4 billion in federal transit money for the high-speed rail plan.

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“Its all about jobs and getting Florida back to work,” Joyner said, echoing Scott’s campaign motto.

The suit wants the court to order Scott to “expeditiously accept” the federal money. It also suit seeks an injunction if necessary. Altman said they may need more time from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to ensure that Florida gets the money it was promised.


The lawsuit caps a mad two weeks of political posturing in which Scott unexpected[ly] declared he wouldn’t take the federal money because he worried the state would ultimately “be on the hook” for project cost over-runs and the cost of operating the train.

Senate President Mike Haridopolos, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate who voted for the rail legislation, belatedly joined Scott in condemning the federal spending for the bullet train.

Cheered on by tea-party conservatives, Scott also said he worried the state would have to pay back $2.4 billion in rail money to the feds.

Lahood had a simple reply to that statement from Florida’s governor: “It’s baloney.”

From The Buzz at the St. Petersburg Times:

Two senators suing Gov. Rick Scott over his decision to kill a high speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando argue in court documents filed today that Scott’s response to the suit shows he does not plan to abide by the Florida Rail Act approved by the state Legislature in late 2009. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for 3 p.m. on Thursday.


Scott argued in court documents filed today that the appropriation merely authorizes spending of the $131 million, but does not require it.


According to documents filed by Altman and Joyner, in making that argument, Scott “has admitted that he claims that he can exercise the powers expressly allocated to the Legislature regarding the budget.”

Altman and Joyner also argue that the Constitution requires Scott to execute laws passed by the Legislature, and “the Legislature expressly set forth in the Florida Rail Act the public policy of this state regarding high speed rail.”

In Scott’s legal response to the lawsuit, he has “admitted that he does not intend to comply” with the Florida Rail Act, which was approved by state lawmakers in a December 2009 special session called specifically to discuss rail.


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25 responses to “Going Off-Track

  1. What’s wrong with Florida? They knew he was an outlaw when they elected him:

    Actually I wish Altman, Joyner and the peeps lotsa luck. And I’ll be on your beach tomorrow night!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀
    Except for the drunks, it’s gonna rule. 😀

  2. Thank you for this graphic. You are doing great work? Keep it up.

    You are appreciated.

    • hello eric,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      thanks for the kind words. i hope you don’t mind, but your link, for some unknown reason, kept going to some whacko church site, so i corrected it. you might want to check your profile and make sure your link is correct. it looked correct to me, but it wasn’t.

      • And you’re the hostess with the mostest. What an awesome helper. 🙂

      • My laptop has been doing some strange things. Linux can get viruses now. I will reformat it. I have noticed some code appearing while I am posting to my blog.

        • i don’t think the problem is with your laptop, eric. i had to correct your link again. are you typing in the link or are you just clicking on what you’ve typed before? i know that when i visit blogspot sites, i have to type in my name and the url of the raisin. however, when i click on the spaces where i have to type them, what i’ve typed previously shows up in a drop-down window, and i can click on my complete name and then the complete url. i’m not sure what shows up here if you don’t have a wordpress account, but i suspect it’s the same deal as it is at blogspot. check and see if you transposed the s and the p in blogspot, because that’s the problem.

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  3. jean-philippe

    As a tribute to Rick Scott:

  4. Huh! I hear tell Florida has a little bit of tourism going on….
    a few cruise ships, Disney World, the Harry Potter/ Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Epcot Center, Kennedy Space Center, Discovery Cove, Sea World,
    & the Florida Aquarium to name a few. Word is they have a few beaches there too…. maybe people will come there for vacations & to get away from extreme winter weather????
    I wonder if light rail might cut down on pollution & congested traffic???

    Nah! Just shut it down, no light rail needed!!!!!– the economy there (and foreclosure rate) is too big to fail.

    Do you detect a wee bit of sarcasm here????????

    • not to mention how many jobs would be created so that people who live here can visit all those places and spend those paychecks. rick scott is such a piece of shit. he’s in office to get even richer. he’ll finagle something so that his rip-off medical centers will get a windfall.

      • Ha! The light rail MUST stop in front of his rip off medical centers!
        So glad the other two stepped up & said no way Jose, or Scott-tay

  5. I wonder why the Tea Party Republican Governors (plus Christie) hate rail so much? Is it because it’s too efficient a use of fuel and thus would impinge on the profits of Big Oil?

    • maybe that, and maybe because construction workers would be union? even if they aren’t union, doesn’t federal law say that they have to be paid at a certain level? that would be good for the middle class, and i think the rethugs want to wipe the middle class out entirely.

  6. The train is your friend. This can not be said enough. Travel cross country in a new modern Superliner car and you will know what I mean. And folks driving the highways take notice of those freight train with all the deep well stack packs followed by 30 or 40 Trailer-on-flat-car (TOFC) units. Every box and every loaded trailer represent ONE big long distance truck thats not crowding you on the road! But back to our jerk ass politicians who translate this “the people have spoken” crap into their own personal Enabeling Act that allows ruling by imperial decree…maybe not. They are still all so heady with Godspell from being personally chosen by God to do Gods Work ™ for the ones who have most of Gods money and the Party of God…”For their riches are great, filled to the top, pressed down, and filled again” say the Reagbolah who prey daily so that their riches be made larger. “And the Righteous did fashion golden halos to wear affixed to their head tightly, to weigh them dowm mightily lest lest they float over the very ground and be called queers” Amen.

    • i love trains. if given my choice of any form of transportation, i would pick the train every time (well, except if i had to travel overseas). it looks like the deal in floriduhhh is dead, and the money is going to go elsewhere. i hope the floriduhhh teabaggers are happy. they just put another nail in the coffin of the floriduhhh economy.

      • sara

        What does it say about our state that our idiotic state Legislature now looks reasonable when compared with our Governor? Sheesh. I feel like I am falling down the rabbit hole.

        • it says that the dems had better get off their asses and start finding and polishing up some decent candidates. i’m in shock over how much this state has changed.

  7. And thank your wierd looking gov one more time for sending all that money our way. He absolutely put his foot down today. Tank you-thank you-thank you!!!