Robert Mueller Doesn’t Take a Day Off


Special counsel Robert Mueller increasingly views President Donald Trump’s trip back from the G-20 summit in Europe this July as a critical moment in his investigation. And as part of an attempt to uncover just what happened on that fateful flight, his team is expected to question several White House officials. Among them will be the president’s close adviser Hope Hicks.


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People familiar with the probe tell The Daily Beast that Hicks—the longtime Trump aide who is currently interim White House communications director—likely has information that will interest Mueller regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s initial claim that his meeting with the Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was just about adoption.


On Friday, The Washington Post reported that Hicks wasn’t alone on Mueller’s radar. Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, former press secretary Sean Spicer, White House counsel Don McGahn, McGahn aide James Burnham, and [Jared] Kushner aide and White House spokesman Josh Raffel are also expected to be questioned.

In a reflection of how serious the administration is taking the matter, sources tell The Daily Beast there are currently efforts underway to organize a legal defense fund for White House staffers.


In most cases, third parties can pay for federal workers’ legal defense funds. As The Daily Beast reported in August, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn—two targets of the probe—are already facing significant financial strain because of high legal bills.


Hick’s potential targeting by Mueller also underscores the aggressive direction his probe is increasingly taking. Outside of direct family members, she is, perhaps, closest to Trump. Hicks was on the Air Force One flight back to the United States after the G-20 summit and played a role in drafting the statement on Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting between Veselnitskaya and Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and Trump Jr.

That statement, which was put together by senior White House officials—including the president himself—turned out to be wildly misleading.

A  legal defense fund? Like GoFundMe? I’d rather set up a GoFuckYourselves fund for these asswipes (no money, just pictures of middle fingers pointed in their direction).


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10 responses to “Robert Mueller Doesn’t Take a Day Off

  1. singe

    Could this whole immigration nativist thrust be an attempt to throw Melania out of the country so Hope can move into her spot in the Clown Posse? I for one will be setting up my own charity fund for Trumpettes and will have contributions sent to me by the US mail so that I can count it and properly route it to the folks suffering in Puerto Rico who just got slammed by Irma and who are going to get stiffed by Congress because their economy is in trouble. Then I will burn tana leaves in an attempt to get the mummy to come to life and wander the halls of he white house demanding some of that fantastic chocolate cake the Chinese guy got.

    • Good thinking, Singe! Twitler is like Henry VIII. He can’t behead the wives he wants to get rid of, so he is trying to deport the latest one. Won’t it be fun if Hopey was under oath on national TV and was asked if she was shtooping the boss? After all, we have to know what the relationship is so we can judge how much we can trust her, right? Then we can have a whole separate soap opera to keep us occupied as the political soap opera continues.

      I feel terrible for all the people in Puerto Rico and on the other islands that were devastated by Irma. I’m in the Ft.Lauderdale area, so I am waiting for our turn. If I don’t post for a while, don’t think that you forgot the link again. After Wilma, we didn’t have power for 2 weeks, so who knows how long we will be in the dark after this monster. Shine your flashlights in this direction!! 😉

      • chezmoi

        Nonnie, I didn’t know you were in FL – take care. Cross fingers Irma changes her mind at the last minute and goes away, but she seems pretty determined to keep wreaking havoc, not unlike the Orange Blob.

        I haven’t had breakfast yet, so asking that question of the Hopeless Hick leaves me queasy enough to wait for lunch. I do have the strength to contribute to the GFY fund, though, along with a lot of like-minded friends.

        • So far, so good, Chezmoi. Electricity and internets are spotty, so I thought I’d check in with my Raisinettes while I had the chance. Tons and tons of rain already, and the wind is picking up, but like I said, so far, so good.

          Love the picture. Those look like my peeps! 😆

  2. A legal defense fund? Did Monofart already blow through the $80 million Tin-of-Pu paid him for mucking around in Ukraine? I can’t imagine anyone with spare cash donating to these guys instead of to hurricane relief.

    Mueller may yet be remembered as the man who saved the Republic.

    • Take down the confederate statues and put Mueller statues in their place.

      I think legal defense fund translates into “billions from the Mercers.” I don’t think the Kochs want to have anything to do with this lot. Even shtiheads have their standards.

  3. singe

    Donnie Jr. testified for 5 hours! That would give him time to read much of Revelation into the record which kind of explains what is family is hoping to bring to the world.

    • As if Junior ever as much as opened a bible. The only book he reads is a bank book.

      (Disclosure: I have never read the bible either, but I did see the movie)

  4. I sure hope Mueller is making headway. I’m catching up on your blogs while watching the 60 Minute interview with Steve Bannon. Mueller can’t move fast enough for me. I’m looking at evil personified coming through my TV.

    • Eleanor, I am putting most of my eggs in Bob Mueller’s basket but saving a few for the states’ Attorneys General who are investigating the Twitler crime family.

      I didn’t get to watch the Steve Bannon interview, because Irma interceded. Sitting here in the dark and the heat, I think I still had a better time than anyone watching the evil one on TV.