Rethugs R Them

May 28 (Bloomberg) — Toys “R” Us Inc., the largest U.S. toy-store chain, acquired FAO Schwarz to take over the retailer’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York and increase its market share.


The company was founded in 1862 by Frederick August Otto Schwarz and his three brothers.

Now when I think of that scene in Big with Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia playing Heart and Soul on the giant FAO Schwarz piano, I’ll be sad. However, kids, the news might have been far worse! Just imagine…

If that wasn’t scary enough, just picture the crap they would have sold! There would be the Rush Limbaugh aisle on the right side of the store…

It would be the first toy store with a pharmacy.

Let’s take a look and see what would be on the shelves in the stuffed animal department.

Just some old stock they’re trying to get rid of, I see.

Of course, there would be dolls, too. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Barbies. They’ll probably start a new Liz Cheney line, too!

Don’t forget the games aisle!

And it just wouldn’t be a toy store without yo-yos!


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16 responses to “Rethugs R Them

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    Brilliant Nonnie!!!!

    One of your best ever!

    Loved every single bit of it. Well done!!

    (Sorry for all of the !!!!)

    • thanks ram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
      can you tell i was having fun with it? funny thing is that i had no idea about fao schwarz until i had already made most of the toys and the toy store. i don’t remember what my original inspiration was, but when i saw the story about fao and toys r us, the other thought in my head went out the window (bet you didn’t know i had windows in my head! 😛 ).

  2. If any of those toys were real, I’d add them to the page at the link.

  3. I gots to have me one of them Bachmann YoYos!!

    We are on the Rethug wave length nonnienanoo, I just posted a copy of ReThugBot Magazine… yeah I know— great minds yada yada yada…

  4. Ewwww– the first toy will give me nightmares.

    • hopefully, rushbo will get tangled up in all the little pieces and won’t be able to get to the microphone.

      • Good point.
        How endearing that Condi Land game– A little Uncle Sam flipping us off!

        F.U. Amerikka! As georgie & condi skip on by….

        But you have to do a story on the Canadian greeting, ol george got in Toronto.

        Swing by to catch it on film.

        Canada Oh Canada!

        • fran,
          that was from a post i did over at american street. you can see the condiland board and the features over there.

          uncle sam wasn’t flipping us off, he was pissed at condi and chimpy.

          i’ll have to look into chimpy’s visit to canada.

  5. awww……my sweet little chimp. He’s just so adorable sitting up there on that shelf with all his friends. But, where’s that spider thingy from Toy Story….that one could scare the begeebies out of most of us if, Dick’s head were put on it!

  6. Does the Rush set come with hairless dominican boys too ? Ohh sorry but it IS Limbaugh