Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Hey kids, didja know that the Barbie doll just celebrated her 50th birthday? From ABC News:

Barbie may be turning 50 this year, but middle-aged, she is not. Of course, she’s kept busy during the years, with 108 careers & and counting. She’s been an Olympic athlete, a Marine Corps sergeant, a dentist, an aerobics instructor, an astronaut and a rock star. This week, Barbie will have her first show during New York Fashion Week and her 50th birthday will be officially celebrated March 9, 2009.

I thought we would add to the celebration with our very own array of Barbie dolls. We’ve seen some previously here at the Raisin. Remember Botox Barbie (scroll down to see all of her accessories and for Lying Racist Barbie!)? Why even Senator David Vitter couldn’t escape China Barbie’s charms! How about Caribou Barbie and all of her Barbie brood (scroll down past Cheerleader Elisabeth Hasselbeck Barbie)? Why, we even took a look in the window of the Caribou Barbie Boutique (hate for you kids to work so hard, but scroll down just one more time)!

And speaking of Caribou Barbie, you might be interested to hear that they have repackaged her to see if she will sell better! Take a look…

Caribou Barbie isn’t the only one going through changes and not the only Palin flappin’ her lips over the airwaves. From The New York Times:

Bristol Palin, Gov. Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter, sat for her first interview since giving birth to Tripp, which aired Monday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”


Though she declined to elaborate, Ms. Palin’s views on abstinence appear to differ from those her mother, a proponent of abstinence-until-marriage education, would like to see espoused.

“Everyone should be abstinent, but it’s just not realistic at all,” she said, adding that among people her age, “it’s more and more accepted now.” But though she said she hoped her story would help change that acceptance, she did not advocate the use of contraception or go into greater detail as to how to prevent teen pregnancy.

Does she know how to prevent teen pregnancy? After all, look where abstinence-only education got her and good ol’ Levi. Then again, they look so happy!

I bet Barbie never worried about teenage pregnancy 50 years ago! Then again, maybe she did, but, I’ll bet you anything that this never, ever entered her mind!

Nadya Suleman doesn’t have a Ken doll and apparently doesn’t want one.

Stayed tuned tomorrow, kids, for more fun with Barbie!

Original images:
Caribou Barbie
Bristol, Levi, and Tripp
Octopussy Nadya Suleman


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18 responses to “Happy Birthday, Barbie!

  1. nightowl724

    Fertility Barbie (babies sold separately)…


  2. nightowl,
    they all come wrapped in their individual test tubes! 🙂

  3. nightowl724

    Perfect! 😉

  4. Nonnie!
    You depicted Levi and Bristol having just the one baby. Where’s Trig, with his stupid grandma, Sarah? 😉

  5. jeb

    Abstinence is only for minorities and the poor. The lack of it can be forgiven as just human nature in rethugs and the well-to-do.

  6. I was wondering how long it would take for Ms. Suleman to make an appearance on the Raisin.

  7. karen,
    poor little trig is in the prop room, waiting to be dusted off and displayed in the next photo op before he’s put back.

  8. jeb,
    the lack of abstinence can be forgiven amongst the rich and rethugs, as can abortion and just about everything else. the rules are only for the poor and for dems.

  9. neon vincent,
    would you believe that bristol and nadya were actually afterthoughts? they were both done at the last minute. i have other barbies for tonight and the tomorrow already done. my mind kept going off on different tangents, and this was the direction it went, so i decided to make the bristol and nadya barbies. when i was done, i figured that the raisinettes might be wondering what took me so long to take poor neurotic nadya to task.

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  11. I believe it. Some of my best efforts are afterthoughts, too. It shows that you aren’t really in control of your creative process, and sometimes the muse waits until the last minute to speak to you.

  12. neon vincent,
    the muse can be such a pain in the ass. this was originally going to be a 2-part series, and i had to expand it to 3 parts once i thought of adding bristol and octopussy. the problem is that i know only have 2 left over for the last part of the series. i have to think of at least 2 more barbies to add and then actually make them.

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  17. Becky

    we love barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!