Food for Thought: Slimming Down Incentive Edition, continued…

Yesterday, we looked to Lindseypoo Graham to inspire us to lose all that weight we gained from eating all that good stuff over the last week. I thought we’d look at Lindseypoo over the years to see how he got to be where he is now.

Lindseypoo has always been a fashion-plate, even when he was just a baby…

lindseygrahamOriginal image

Of course, it wasn’t always smooth sailing, and he did have some questionable fashion choices when he was a little kid, and that didn’t make Lindseypoo happy…

lindseygrahambrusselssproutsOriginal image

Sometimes, it takes a while to find one’s way…
entertainmentweeklylindseygrahamOriginal image

However, when he got a bit older, he came out of his shell when he met his bestest friends evah, John McCain and Joe Lieberman.  They even started a boy band!

mccainthompsontwinsOriginal image

While the band didn’t stick around long, it gave Lindseypoo the self-confidence to be the person he wanted to be.

talentcompetitionOriginal image

Lindseypoo left his insecurities behind, but not his friends…

grahammccainliebermanOriginal image

Life was like a fairytale!

judiciarycommitteeOriginal image

(He even makes his friends, John Easter Island Head Cornyn, Jon My-Weenie-Is-As-Short-As-My-Name Kyl, Little Jeffy Beauregard Sessions, MitchYertle McConnell, Orrin Down the Hatch, Tom I-Hate-Haitians Coburn,  and Chuck My-Ass-Is Grassley happy)

So never let the negativity get to you, Lindseypoo!

Original movie poster

l to r: Michele Bathshit Bachmann, Mitch Yertle McConnell, Kay I-Lost-to-Gov-Little-Ricky-Goodhair Bailey Hutchison, Lindsey Lindseypoo Graham, Virginia So-Not-A Foxx, Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Blackburn, Tom Acts-of-God Cole, and Jim Beanball Bunning)

Thanks for all the inspiration, Lindseypoo!


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26 responses to “Food for Thought: Slimming Down Incentive Edition, continued…

  1. So much Lindsey glam!!! 😆

    The ballerina pits still kill.

    • don’t be a hater. i bet you voted against bristol, too. 😛

      • I love how you found twin facial expressions for Lindsey and Cap’n Underpants in the first picture. 😀

      • OMG so funny! Lindseypoo has the perfect saggy face for your brand of spoofing.
        Loved his stuffed baby toy Capt. Underpants.
        It’s 1:05 hours away from Dancing with the Stars and I am already getting the jitters.
        Will Bris Palin win the coveted mirror ball trophy, or will that also-ran 50-year-old or the chubby young teen take the prize?
        I think we all know that if Bris wins, America and Jesus win. If she loses, I think the left-wing pundints will chalk it up as a major victory for evil vs. good.

        • i can’t stand looking at brisket’s giant expanding head. if she wins, i hope that she grows up enough to be embarrassed that it was given to her for all the wrong reasons. with the values she was raised with, i doubt that will ever happen. she thinks she’s entitled to everything, just like her mother.

          • I liked her better when she was too backward to make eye contact and admitted that she sucked as a dancer.
            Her new-found confidence as the rigged voting continued reminded me way too much of her good-for-nothing mother.
            Confidence is a good thing when one does her job well, but being overly confident when one is shitty at her job is extremely unattractive.
            Look no further than Kelly Osborne on Dancing. She dropped a ton of weight, looked great, danced her ass off and deserved that boost in confidence.
            Brisket gained weight, never scored above the bottom and always looked put-upon as she waddled across the dance floor. But now she’s sooo sure of herself. HA!

            • perfectly said, zippy! she has nothing to be confident about, because she looked ridiculous, and she sounded like a dour imbecile. i was fully prepared to not like kelly osborne, but her first dance won me over. was she a wonderful dancer? no. however, when you watched her, you got the sense that she was enjoying herself, so you enjoyed it, too. you could see that she really worked hard, and all that work paid off. all brisket did was whine that she couldn’t do what her partner wanted her to do (she should of thought of doing that before she got knocked up) and eat.

  2. Lindsey Graham, the Uncle Miltie of the Senate!

    • well, maybe not in every aspect. by which i mean, of course, that lindseypoo is not very funny. at least not on purpose. 😉

      • Hey, I saw Uncle Miltie work in person, back in 1984, along with Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra. I even got to be on stage with Sammy and his wife as part of a fundraising event for Mrs. Davis’s charity. There are advantages to being a musician.

        As for Uncle Miltie’s sense of humor, I stole one of his jokes he told that evening.

        “Waiting for Pia Zadora to make it big is like leaving the porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa. For those of you who don’t know who Jimmy Hoffa is, you can find him in the Yellow Pages under ‘Concrete.'”

        The first part is so dated it’s now worthless, but the second part never grows old, especially here in Detroit, Hoffa’s hometown. It will take another 50 years for people here to forget about him.

        • i didn’t know you played robin to uncle miltie’s batman, neon vincent. i’m aging myself when i admit that i remember pia zadora, so i get both parts of the joke.

    • Isn’t it pathetic that Lindseypoo is no longer one of the GOP’s worst legislators? A guy that full of shit has no business being in the middle of the pack, but the Palins, Bachmanns, Angles and both Pauls have elevated his miserable stature.

      • zippy,

        i think he might have been a fairly decent legislator (keeping in mind he’s from south carolina and might have been another jim demented). he would have worked across the aisle, but that came to a screeching halt when he put his friendship with capt underpants before the good of the country. since then, he’s just been another rethuglican asswipe. i bet he has skid marks on his tighty-whities thinking about his next primary.

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  4. jean-philippe

    I think the world would be a better place if Lindsey Graham and Lindsey Lohan switched lives.

  5. A Linds-a-thon. Love the cradle pic!

  6. Uncle Miltie!?? It was once rumored that Milton Bearle had the largest “unit” in showbiz, which distressed Forest Tucker, also said to be greatly endowed. A meeting was aranged and wagers placed and approaching the moment of truth an aid to Milton whispers in his ear “just pull out enough to win the bet”.

  7. Corporal Agarn would know. Paul Rodriguez has a bit on a comedy album on the subject about crossing the road:” Manuel, hurry, a truck is coming.” And the late great Lenny Bruce spoke of not wearing walking shorts in public. But the funniest recent remarks come from Drew Careys book in the “It’s so big that…” catagory when he says ” I go out to a fancy resturant and it gets a good table up front while I’m stuck back here arguing with the head waiter!”

    • i read that groucho was very well-endowed, too, and some of his jokes were really inside jokes about that. i found this on central snark:

      4. Groucho Marx, a man known for smoking really big cigars, apparently had something even bigger stored in his pants. Marx was certainly known as the master of sexual innuendo, and references throughout his films to his own sizable “cigar” popped up (heh) often. The “elephant in my pajamas” line, was one meant to allude to his own big trunk, we suspect. More obvious, perhaps, was something Groucho quipped in a scene of “A Night at the Opera” — when, while shredding paper to a certain size, he says “Mine’s a 12 1/2″. ba-dump-bump.

  8. This may be getting out of hand! In the interest of pubic safety, we need to take it down a notch: Back during the final breakup, Roseanne Barr was going on shows and telling entertainment reporters that her recent ex, Tom Arnold had a small dick. When asked about this on a late night interview show, Tom replied “A 747 looks small when it’s parked at the bottom of the Grand Canyon”.