Its Comical, Part 8: Clean-up Edition

This will be the last installment of the series, so let’s take a look at some of the comics and comic-related pix we haven’t seen before. One of the longest running comics is Dennis the Menace, and we have had a few different Dennises. There was Chimpy, with Deadeye Dick Cheney filling in for Mr. Wilson…
georgiethemenaceOriginal image

And do you remember when Steny Hoyer bugged Joe Wilson for an apology after his screaming You lie! in the middle of President Obama’s State of the Union speech?
Original image

Dennis the Menace was another television show that was lifted from the funnies, and Chimpy guest-starred in that, too…
Original image

…as did North Carolina’s whiny little Congresscritter, Patrick McHenry…
dennisthemenacepatrickmchenryOriginal image
Oh, and it was a movie, too! The newest version starred former Chimpy Press Secretary Scott McClellan and nasty old Bob Dole…
dennisthemenacecopyOriginal DVD cover

The Flintstones was made for television, and Chimpy, Pickles, Captain Underpants John McCain, and Cindy Lou were made for the Stone Age…
flintstonesOriginal image

…and Carly Fiorina sure knows how to rock a Wilma-do…
wilmaflintstone2Original image

There were cartoons on TV that were tailored to appeal to children, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don’t think Mitch Yertle McConnell is tailored to appeal to anyone but his wealthy contributors…
teenagemutantninjaturtlesOriginal DVD cover

There are other animated series that were not meant for children, such as Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. I absolutely loved that show, but I didn’t care for the version with loser Queen Nutmeg Whitman’s hubby, Griff Harsh…
drkatzOriginal DVD cover

One of the most famous animated series intended for mature (or maybe more precisely, older and immature) audiences is South Park. We had 2 episodes here at the Raisin, one starring Joe “Kyle” Wilson, Lindseypoo “Kenny” Graham, Jim “Cartman” DeMint, and Sparky Marky Mark “Stan” Sanford…

…and the other with some other characters from South Carolina who wanted to be governor, U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, two-term Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, three-term state Rep. Nikki Haley (who eventually won), and two-term Attorney General Henry McMaster…
Original DVD cover

Well, that wraps up our look back at the comics. I think I’ll let Joe BP Barton have the last word…
porkypigjoebarton2Original image


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22 responses to “Its Comical, Part 8: Clean-up Edition

  1. Hold me, Nonnie. McConnell’s neck is scaring me. 😯

  2. I think my 2 favs are the Flintstones rendition (OMG! McCain is soooo Barney Rubble!) & Pickles & Wilma have melded!

    But Joe BP Barton as a pig w that tagline…. you almost have me spewing my water here!

    What a fun romp this has been!

  3. Loved the cartoon retrospective. These guys are just as toony as ever.

  4. Ninja Yertle my fave. Got to go back and catch up!!

  5. Hey, you’re up! Almost didn’t connect tonight. New DSL modem has attitude. New Dell upgrade coming by end of week. With upgraded stuff I can play the videos now. Great to be back. Gotta have my daily raisin!

  6. afrankangle

    Being both weird and funny, Ninja McConnell just cracked me up … but I found myself starring at the Flintstones. Oh how fitting. Thanks!

  7. Al

    Hahaha…Thanks for a good laugh, Nonnie. Have a great week!