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From tampabay.com:

Is this what happens when you put a CEO in charge of state government?

Those experienced in dealing with the cranky, suspicious class known as hardcore news reporters know the best way to get journalists to do something, is to tell them they can’t — and vice versa.

So it’s hard to understand why anybody in Gov. Rick Scott‘s office thought journalists would actually accede to their request that all photos of the new governor be supplanted by an official photo they distributed Monday [Click link to see the official pic].


The email sent to news outlets said: “Please forward the attached photo of Governor Rick Scott to the appropriate people in your organization who handle graphics, layout and design.  Please use this photo of Governor Scott, rather than any others you may have on file.”

Yeah, right!
thepictureofdoriangrayOriginal movie poster

Beyond the odd, controlling nature of the request, it’s not even a photo of the governor in a suit and tie, which makes using the image for more official stories a tough sell.


Scott’s office may want to soften their boss’ image, but he is still the state’s top government official; photos in a suit and tie are pretty necessary.

Then again, considering some of the other photos out there of the governor, perhaps it makes sense to send one out that provides the exact look you need.

Too bad we’re not going to use it that often.

Soften his image, indeed. From The New York Times:

Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican conservative, took office this year on a promise to shake things up. That he did, and now the aggrieved — teachers, prison workers, food stamp recipients, doctors — are plastering him with lawsuits.

The lawsuits have rolled in over the past few months, making Governor Scott as popular in the legal sphere as he is at a Tea Party meet-and-greet.

On Tuesday, he lost a round. The Florida Supreme Court concluded that Mr. Scott “overstepped his constitutional authority” and “violated the separation of powers” when he suspended all proposed rules until he could review and approve them. It was the governor’s first executive order. A majority of judges stated that Mr. Scott encroached on the State Legislature’s authority when he opted to unilaterally freeze rule-making.


But the governor has many more chances to vindicate himself in court.

He is being sued for requiring state agencies to test job applicants for drugs and conduct random screening on existing employees (none are taking place pending the outcome of the suit).

Florida doctors and their lobbyists are suing him to block a law that hampers their ability to ask patients about guns in their homes. The law states that any question about guns must be relevant to the patient’s case.

Three unions representing state workers, including the teachers’ union, filed a class-action suit against the governor for taking 3 percent of their salaries and shifting the money into the pension system. The unions say the state violated its contractual obligation to the workers and broke the law. At the same time, the union that represents state correctional officers is suing him in the hope of derailing a plan to privatize 30 Florida prisons.

Also pending is a lawsuit that challenges the governor and his administration over the establishment of a new voting law, which would among other things tighten rules on third party registration, until the Department of Justice completes a full review.

Last week, Citizens for National Security jumped in the fray. The volunteer group, which monitors national security and extremism, sued Governor Scott over a new law that changes the way textbooks are reviewed and selected. In particular, the group is concerned about how religions are depicted in the textbooks.


Lane Wright, a spokesman for Mr. Scott, played down the lawsuits, saying it was not exactly surprising for a new governor to be sued.


But Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, said the governor had earned the title of lead defendant in the suits because of his disregard for the Constitution, the legislative branch and courts. The A.C.L.U. is party to several of the lawsuits.

“And there is more coming,” Mr. Simon said. “He has to take ownership and responsibility for bad laws.”

But Mr. Simon did concede: “It’s not only him. You’ve had an out-of-control Legislature.”

At the root of this, Mr. Simon said, is the governor’s failure to make the transition from corporate chief executive to governor.

“Government doesn’t operate in the way that you wake up one morning and you issue an edict and you expect everyone to jump,” Mr. Simon said. “There is shared power. He is not used to sharing power.”

And that’s why the criminal in the governor’s mansion is the most unpopular governor in the country.


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38 responses to “Picture This!

  1. Damn, he’s vain. Did you see this, Nonnie? I was very proud of Flori-duh. 😀

    • GreenApples

      What a hoot!

    • i saw that last night! i wonder how many of the people who showed up with the pink slips voted for the criminal. he’s trying to be like bob graham. graham used to go all over the state and do different jobs for a day. it’s not going to work for the criminal, because most people wish he was working a job other than the one he has now. i wish he was in jail. here’s another video that shows you what an ass he made of himself:

  2. GreenApples

    You got his picture nonnie. Great likeness!!!! 😀

    As for ‘the most unpopular governor in the country’ there are so many, are you sure? I think they must have a contest going. Is there a straw poll? I’ll vote and no one has to pay me. 🙂

  3. Well … you could see my governor’s face (Kasich) because his head proctocepahalic.

  4. John Erickson

    So were you just being artistic, or do those cracks on the portrait really spell out some kinda message? (Yeah, it’s been a long day.)

  5. Holy living $#!T, this is self-importance and self-delusion worthy of Qaddhafi or Saddam. It’s a story that begs for visual satire. Great choice of the Dorian Gray motif.

    Love all the little notations in dark red along the bottom, especially the WTF.

    Where the heck are they getting these people? How do they get nominated? Who votes for them? I guess a party that would elevate a guy like this really is capable of thinking Perry or Bachmann are just the kind of President the country needs.

    • he’s a taller kim jong-il. he wants to control everything, including the media. even the rethugs hate him.

      the bottom of the movie posters is usually where i have most of my fun. thanks for looking at all the nonsense, infidel.

      the criminal in tallahassee is a direct result of the weakness of the dems in floriduhhh. i remember when floriduhhh was a dem stronghold. i don’t know what the hell happened, but it’s turned into a shithole, politically and financially. the dems need to get on the stick and find some attractive candidates instead of rewarming the same people who keep losing. i’m so disgusted, i could spit.

  6. I think the guv needs a picture of a footlong Porn Dog stuck in his porn dog hole, just like Lil’ Ricky Goodhair and the Batshit woman from Minna soda.

  7. maggiejean

    Excellent nonnie. Great picture of the criminal that he is. I usually don’t like blaming voters for their stupidity in voting for idiots — oftentimes the idiocy is hidden behind pretty words. This time, however, the elders of Florida knew, KNEW, about the criminal activity of Rick Scott and how he ripped off seniors, but those seniors voted for him anyway. How dumb can you be?

    • broward county, where there is a large senior population, went for alex sink 65% to the criminal’s 33%. of course, the shithead seniors in the villages went for the criminal. i don’t know what specific group to blame, other than the dems. they were once an overwhelming presence in the state, and they seem to have evaporated.

  8. “Is this what happens when you put a CEO in charge of state government?”

    For a moment, I was wondering if this was going to be about Rick Snyder. He suffers from some of this as well.

  9. Nonnie! Wow~ I love that Floridians are all over Scott’s bs & serving it right back to him. I love the reverse robo calls & people getting in his face in the BS donut shop photo op. the lady tells him off & he stands there with his pasty white anemic robo expression, & says “thanks for coming”…. like as if she did not just tell him off!

    • don’t be patting floridiots on the back too much. if not for them, he wouldn’t be in the governor’s mansion. i don’t know why anyone who voted for him is surprised he turned out to be a disaster.

  10. Why didn’t they just use his mug shot as the official photo? Or maybe one catching his facial expression when he found out he could keep the money from the $500 million swindle. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody had a governor that the worst thing to criticize him for is letting Linda Rondstat get away! Oh wait, I do.

    • unfortunately, he was never arrested for his crimes. even though corporations are people, nobody seems to go to jail when the corporation flagrantly breaks the law and gets caught. i guess mittsie won’t have to worry about baking any cakes with files in them.

  11. gregg

    So this site is not going to use the approved photo of the guv?? I had no idea the kind of blasphemers that live here!

  12. Snoring Dog Studio

    I suppose it’s not a new thing that people continue to elect criminals to office. Why we keep doing it is beyond me. It feels like we’ve lowered our standards just so we can complain after things go so very wrong. It’s crazy. Scott will do a lot of damage before he’s gone from office.

    • americans have a history of rooting for the bad guys. the reason they make movies about bonnie & clyde or al capone is not so that we can root for the good guys. the bad guys are glamorized.

      however, when they start voting for bad guys when it’s against their own interests, then that’s another story. unfortunately, a percentage of the electorate can’t separate reality and the movies.

  13. distributorcap

    there are SO many criminal and evil politicians in Florida – i just dont know where to start — as bad as Scott is (and he is bad) – i really think Alan West is the one that needs to be in Leavenworth or Attica

    i bet some of the boys in prision would love to use Scott’s head as a bowling ball

    • there are plenty of crooks in floriduhhh on both sides of the aisle. the rethugs are definitely winning in that contest now, though. it’s a pity that the dems don’t seem to be doing anything about it.


    How the hell you do that?