From The Miami Herald:

Call 2011 the year of the Republican governor.

Newly elected officials such as New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Florida’s Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker are exerting power in dramatic ways and jumping over each other for a share of the national spotlight.

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With more Republican legislatures behind them than any time since 1952, the governors are successfully pushing a conservative, anti-Obama agenda just as the president prepares for his re-election campaign.

“They are more important than Congress right now,” said U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. “The more they push back, the better chance we have at cutting back the role of the federal government.”

Republicans now control 29 governor’s mansions, a gain of seven since 2009, and have taken a majority of the swing voter states from Democrats, including Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and New Mexico.

The challenge for Obama runs to Florida, too, where Alex Sink barely lost the race for governor, the best hope for Democrats in a long time. Now, Scott has a megaphone that he uses nearly daily to oppose Obama’s policies.

The governors say the November midterm elections, where voters sided overwhelmingly with Republicans, were a mandate to tackle spending and improve the business climate in their states through less regulation and taxes.

When one steps out, it encourages the others.


Driving the debate and news attention are Christie, 48; Scott, 58; Walker, 43; and John Kasich, 58, of Ohio.

Facing deep deficits, the governors have produced austere budgets that in some cases are even too severe for their Republican legislatures. But they have pleased conservative activists. Scott went as far as to use a tea party rally to roll out his budget plan, which included $1.7 billion in tax cuts and slashing spending by $4.6 billion.

In Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin, governors have rejected federal money for high-speed rail, a top priority of Obama, dismissing the jobs that would be created as short-term and fretting over billions in unforeseen maintenance costs.

Most Republican governors have joined in lawsuits challenging the new health care law and some have resisted implementing the changes, contending they are unconstitutional. Now they want to force changes to Medicaid, asking the White House and leaders in Congress to make it easier to remove people from the program due to budget constraints.


They also are trying to overhaul the pension system for state workers and eliminate tenure for school teachers.

Most famously, Walker in Wisconsin is curtailing collective bargaining rights for public employees, encouraging other governors to do the same, and spawning noisy protests outside state capitols.


The jostling for attention is tempered by a collegiality. The governors call each other and send encouragement via Twitter. “Props to @GovWalker for new reforms to public employee unions that give taxpayers more rights,” Kasich wrote recently.


Scott has had several phone conversations with Walker, most recently Thursday when he called to congratulate Walker after lawmakers in Madison approved the union bill.


But Scott also sees his colleagues as the competition.

He promises to best Texas Gov. Rick Perry by stealing businesses from the Lone Star State. He plucked Florida’s top corrections official from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels’ administration and reached into [Mississippi’s Haley] Barbour’s backyard to hire Florida’s head of economic development.


The bullish front has stirred debate over motivations and the public is beginning to show some weariness.

“I think people are going to see that the Republican governor’s tea party has a lot more to do with Alice in Wonderland than it does with Sam Adams,” said Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat. “Some of them are much more Mad Hatter than they are James Madison.”

Walker has become a hero to conservatives nationally, but a recent poll shows he lost support among some Republican voters in Wisconsin.

In Florida, fewer voters have a favorable opinion about Scott now than they did during the campaign last year. Weak numbers would make it tougher to defeat Obama in 2012.


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12 responses to “Bloodsuckers

  1. They always swing the budget axes @ health care, education (Head Start funding & schools & teachers)– but did not even blink when they let the wealthiest have their tax cuts- after having 10 years of tax cuts!

    Perfectly fine!

    This wave of politicians –they are dredging up the worst of the worst.

  2. I’m amazed at what a convincing vampire Scott makes. Then again, I probably shouldn’t be.

    • he really does look natural, doesn’t he? i keep expecting him to turn into a bat and fly away (if only). maybe he can get a stint circling batshit bachmann! 🙂

  3. The legacy of the Bush Depression will be long lasting and deep. Every military action from the revolution to Nam had some sort of fund raising, from lottery, excise tax, income tax, etc. EXCEPT the second Babylonian War. And Wolfy told us it would make us money! Now we have a long term liability of $3,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo.oo because dumbass had to have big tax cuts for the well to do. And now we’re supposedly out of money. Now the gopergovs are going to teach us all a lesson. They hate the modern social welfare state and have vowed to kill Social Security ever since Alf Landon ran against it in 1936. We will see how popular things when unemployment hits 50 million and the oldsters are being tossed out of their homes and retirement centers for lack of cash. We can go back to the worst conditions that inspired the muckraking press of long ago. Like I said yesterday: The Rich Are Different….Like I was telling sis yesterday, talking about factory work a century ago when shafts and belts ran the machinery, a very dangerous work environment. take a basic remark like ‘WE NEED TO PUT A GUARD ON THAT MACHINE’ to the worker it means a metal shroud around the belt drive so it wont remove his arm in a mis-step….to the capitalist it means having an uniformed person standing by with a gun to shoot the worker if he harms the machine. Nuff said. We all know who we are.

    • but it’s all obama’s fault. just like st. ronnie rescued all the hostages from iran when he was president for 20 minutes.

      in iowa, the governor has already started laying off nursing home workers, so part of your scenario will soon be realized. i think that’s what might spell the end of the rethug’s nefarious plans. seniors vote. don’t piss ’em off.

  4. afrankangle

    Hi Nonnie (sorry I’ve been away). Being in Ohio, Kasich’s budget is pushing everything down to the local level … that is, locals will be the ones facing tax increases. Interesting way to pass the buck.

    We’ve seen their union-busting approach …. which has everything to do with cutting off income to Dems. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with this for 3+ years, so who knows where this goes.

    • no worries, afa, as long as you always come back. 🙂

      people are going to see their property taxes go up, and they’ll have to pay for services that their property taxes used to cover, but which local governments will no longer provide. i hope most people are not stupid enough not to realize that they’re the ones paying for all the tax cuts for the rich people, and they are getting nothing for it but more bills they can’t afford to pay.

  5. I like Scotty Walker trying to be stealth and being all creepy in the back. 🙂

  6. nonnie –

    where is Christie – i know he would take up the whole picture, but he is as big a blood sucker as any of those blood suckers